Location & Hours

Rattle & Roll PlayCafe 

191 Vincent Road 


S7 1BZ

Phone Café Landline 0114 2559241




Mon, Tue, Thurs, Friday 9.30am - 3pm  

Wednesday - CLOSED

Saturday Closed for Private parties 

Sunday Closed for Private parties        

We are very close to Nether Edge Pizza co. You are looking for a big green garden gate visible from Vincent Road. Go through the gate and walk through the passage until you see a blue gate with our logo on. Reach over to open. 

On-street parking, lots of side roads nearby that you can park on.

We have a buggy park outside under cover, Please park your buggies there as no buggies are permitted in the café area unless baby is asleep.


Pic Left: View from Vincent road, We are near the end of the road closest to Abbeydale road.

Pic Right: When you go through the green gate and through the passage come into the garden. This is the entrance.

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